Gate Admission Control/Staffing

BoxOps creates a customized staffing plan based on your needs than ensures adequate coverage for all assignments and reduces spend related to over-staffing or sub-optimal spending. We will select, hire, train and supervise your workforce. Our team works effectively with your employees or talent recruited locally just for your event. This includes:

Hands-on training on all job assignments.

  • Supervision for the duration of your event.
  • Scheduling and dynamic reallocation of staff to accommodate traffic patterns.
  • Cash Drawer reconciliation Scheduling.
  • Cash-in / Cash-out.
  • Administration.
  • Cash-in / Cash-out

Money Management/Vault Operations

BoxOps understands the importance of this most critical component of event management. In order to ensure the integrity of the event’s cash asset and the safety of all employees and fans, we take this responsibility most seriously.

We include in this accountability:

  • Preparing/managing deposits.
  • Coordinating armored car service.
  • Balancing sellers.
  • Managing cash drawers and running sweeps.
  • Ensuring change availability at point of sale.

Reporting and Reconciliation

At day-end we will provide you with a comprehensive set of reports detailing ticket sales, cash/credit receipts, attendance, gate analysis and issues. We will also perform random audits as well as a full event review at conclusion. We will gladly follow your in-house procedures or employ BoxOps own tried and true procedures.

Included is:

  • Cash-in/cash-out of all sellers and selling stations.
  • End of day reconciliation using our tried and true processes.
  • Random and full event audits.
  • Ticket system reports and review.
  • Gate analysis and observance reporting.


We ensure that all event operations under BoxOps accountability operate strictly within the policies and procedures established by you. If preferred, we can make suggestions based on our experiences.


Perhaps you need help planning for your event as well, or instead of operational support. Our highly professional team is available to consult with you or to perform plan reviews prior to your event. Check us out.

Managing ticket sales and operations is the MOST IMPORTANT part of any event – and your Board will suggest that it should be handled in-house by your committee members:

Ask yourself this question: “Which of your committee members or volunteers are professional box office and ticketing professionals?”  This is what we do and we are the Best!  Let us work with your team to ensure that your event is as successful as can be.